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​Tobias Tietze


Tobias Tietze first completed his guitar studies at theHamburg University of Music and Theaterwith Prof. Olaf von Gonnissen and Heiko Ossig in 2017 before starting his bachelor’s degree in historical plucked instruments at theBremen University of the Artsat
Prof. Joachim Held finished and started his master’s degree there in the same year.

He is a member of the ensemblesI zefirelli andLa Protezione della Musica  and musically active at various opera houses, most recently at the Hamburg State Opera and the Stuttgart State Theater.
His focus in the repertoire for the lute is on the French tradition of the 17th century and its continuation in German-speaking countries. In order to base his artistic approach on historical sources, he researches intensively and publishes
2020 his first scientific article on just that field.


After participating in several CD recordings with chamber music or large-scale works, he took his first solo CD with him in November 2021World premiere recordings of Valentin Strobel's lute music on, which was published in April 2022. 

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