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Tilmann Albrecht


Tilmann Albrecht sees his strengths in his versatility: On the endless search for the core of music, he deals with the most diverse facets of music - from 1300 to today, from popular to art music. He is not only a harpsichordist with amazing versatility, but also a choir director, musical pianist and baroque
He studied harpsichord with Prof. Mitzi Meyerson, Raphael Alpermann and Avinoam Shalev, as well as music and geography/teaching.

His concerts have taken him to Chile and India and to various places in Europe. For example, he played at the Early Music Days 2014 in Regensburg, at theEncanto Festival 2017in Helsinki, at theFestival of Early Music Innsbruck 2020and with that
European Union Youth Orchestra. Tilmann works as a répétiteur primarily with baroque, romantic and musical singers. He has been Desirée Nick's permanent pianist since 2019. In opera productions, among othersState Theater in Kasseland theGeneration Baroque
his colourful, emotionally rich game was shown in an impressive way. He was also a lecturer for theFerrara Chamber Academy 2019and at theChoir.comHanover 2021.


Musically, he was particularly influenced by his encounters with Christine Wolff (soprano, music needsenergyriver), Friedemann Werzlau (percussionist, music needsgroove), and Raphael Alpermann (harpsichordist, music needsLifething).



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