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​Jeroen Finke


Jeroen Finke received lessons in percussion/drums and orchestral percussion from Andreas Brinsa and Thomas Kaufmann. By participating in various ensembles, he was able to gain a wide range of experience in the performance practice of different stylistic epochs. Inspired by the Montalbane Early Music Festival, he specialized in historical and oriental percussion with lessons from Nora Thiele and Peter Bauer.

Since 2010 he has devoted himself increasingly to singing as a second focus of his training, sang in state and national select choirs and is currently studying for a master's degree in historical singing with Jan Van Elsacker at the HFM Trossingen. He completed his bachelor's degree at the Bremen University of the Arts with Bettina Pahn and Benno Schachtner and attended master classes with Gerd Türk and Emma Kirkby, among others.


"When [Jeroen Finke] is involved in the sound, the whole ensemble picks up speed. With tambourine and drums, Finke sets rhythmic accents in the background, which then inspire the soloists of the ensemble." - "I Zefirelli" at the Potsdam Music Festival, by Hans Ackermann, inforadio/, June 18, 2021



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