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Luise Catenhusen

Louise Catenhusen

Recorder & Cornett

Tilmann Albrecht

Tilmann Albrecht

Harpsichord & Percussion

María Carrasco Gil

Maria Carrasco Gil

Baroque violin & viola

Tobias Tiete

Tobias Tietze

Lute & baroque guitar

Jeroen Finke

Jeroen Finke

Percussion & Baritone

Jakob Kuchenbuch

Jacob cake book

Baroque cello & gamba

Individual lessons & chamber music

with members of I Zefirelli !

for beginners, advanced & professionals on historical and modern instruments

You are a guitarist and dealing with this for the first timeearlier music? 

In her spare time she plays the violin andWould you like to get new input again?

Have you been wanting to try your luck on the Zink for a long time?

You are a Zefirelli fan and would like to accompany your grandson's junior ensemblegive a chamber music lesson with one or more of us as teachers?

- No problem, we teach privately and at music schools!


lute, (baroque) guitar, percussion, vocals, 

(Baroque) violin, (Baroque) viola, chamber music


recorder, cornett, chamber music, Consort


Harpsichord, basso continuo, singer teaching, Accompaniment, chamber music


(Baroque) cello, viola da gamba, chamber music

Contact via: ensembleizefirelli (a)

Estimated former 
Members & Guests:

Leopold Behrens| baroque cello

Franziska Borleis| baroque cello

Simon Borutzki | recorder

Markus Catenhusen| baroque violin

Sohyeun Cho| recorder

Louise Gentian | harp

Andre Lislevand | viola da gamba

Marine Madelin| soprano

Bjorn Weidemann| recorder

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