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Duo Lute Recorder

Le vraie Beaute

In the baroque music of the early 18th century, the Italian and French national styles asserted themselves as formative elements. There is no separate German style, a mixed style was fashionable in Germany at the time, with ingredients from both other nations:

"Because the Italian way is serieux, but the French gusto divertissant, so in Germany everything has been accepted, because this nation loves changes..." (EG Baron: "Historical, theoretical and practical investigation of the instrument of the lute" , 1727)

The recorder player Luise Catenhusen and the lutenist Tobias Tietze approach their program with this so-called mixed taste from the French side. Works by the French Robert de Visée, Jean Baptiste L'oilette de Gant and the German Ernst Gottlieb Baron will be heard

Duo Tietze/Catenhusen

Louise Catenhusen| recorder

Tobias Tietze| Lute & baroque guitar

The delicate combination of recorder and lute convinces with fine refinements, a sweet sound and profound naturalness. 

In our programs we devote ourselves to music from the Renaissance to the Baroque with various types of flutes and lutes as well as the Baroque guitar. From gentle madrigals to lively folk music from England, everything is included. We are always open to special program or piece requests!

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